CHART OF THE DAY….Via Nukes & Spooks, this chart from a recent CSIS report is a vivid illustration of the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. In addition to the relentlessly rising U.S. casualties shown below, CSIS also reports a steady rise in the number of “security incidents,” the total amount of violence, the number of attacks, the number of IEDs and roadside bombs, the number of suicide bombings, and the number of no-go zones under the control of the Taliban and other insurgent groups:

The nature of the incidents has however changed considerably since last year, with high numbers of armed clashes in the field giving way to a combination of armed clashes and asymmetric attacks countrywide. The Afghan National Police (ANP) has become a primary target of insurgents and intimidation of all kinds has increased against the civilian population, especially those perceived to be in support of the government, international military forces as well as the humanitarian and development community.

The good news: most Afghans remain opposed to terrorist activity and a solid majority want the multinational forces to stay in Afghanistan for 3-5 more years or longer.

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