MAC UPDATE….I know you’re all dying of curiosity, so the answer is: pretty well, thanks. I downloaded NeoOffice, which has crashed twice but has also successfully opened all the Word and Excel files that I transferred over from my desktop Windows box. So that’s good. And the book I bought last night explained how to change associations so that Word and Excel files automatically open in NeoOffice instead of the trial version (hah!) of MS Office preloaded on the machine. It wasn’t very intuitive, but then, changing associations isn’t very intuitive under Windows either.

The two-finger thing for emulating the scroll wheel on the trackpad works great. Thanks for that tip. Windows seem to stubbornly open at their default size no matter how big they are when I close them, but I suppose my book will eventually explain that to me as well. Sleep mode is very impressive. The battery seems to last about four hours, which isn’t bad. The keyboard isn’t so hot. And I somehow seem to have installed some kind of permanent Firefox “device” on my desktop that has no function I can discern but also can’t be gotten rid of. Very odd. Not sure the book is going to help with that one….