FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….On the left, Inkblot is admiring my shiny new MacBook and wondering where the mouse is. Shouldn’t all computers have mice to play with? On the right, Domino doesn’t care. She thinks cats have better things to worry about than foolish human techno-gadgets. Like dinner, for example.

Speaking of techno-gadgets, a nice Bluetooth mouse is the best bet for the MacBook, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll pick one up after lunch today. What else? I still haven’t figured out how to get windows to open full size (or at whatever size I last left them), something that happens automatically in Windows. Anybody know the trick? I’d especially like Finder to open in a full-screen window. And how about image editing software? Is iPhoto any good? I don’t need all the album stuff, just a quickie photo resizing and basic editing program. Any recommendations?

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