RANTS….This has been a pretty good week for righteous rants in the blogosphere. Highlights include:

  • Brad DeLong on Grover Norquist. Sample: “I am not paid enough to deal with this lying bullshit. I am not paid enough to deal with Grover Norquist and his willful stream of defecation into the global information pool.”

  • David Appell on the decline of the blogosphere. Sample: “So I am wondering why I am reading it any more, or why I am even writing meaningless tidbits in this blog (and that’s all they are). Or why anyone is reading. Is this seriously the future of this magnificent medium?”

  • Larry Lessig on the immunity hysteria. Sample: “Please, fellow liberals, or leftists, or progressives, get off your high horse(s)….To start this chant of ‘principled rejection’ of Obama because he is not as pure as we is, in a word, idiotic (read: Naderesque).”

  • Glenn Greenwald on Larry Lessig. Sample: “That is the mentality that has allowed the Bush administration to engage in this profound assault on our national character, to violate our laws at will. Our political and media elite have acquiesced to all of this when they weren’t cheering it all on. Those who object to it, who argue that these abuses of political power are dangerous in the extreme and that we cannot tolerate deliberate government lawbreaking, are dismissed as shrill Leftist hysterics.”

I’m sure I’ve missed some good ones. Feel free to leave your favorites of the week in comments.