HEART OF DARKNESS….Q: Which county gave George Bush his biggest absolute plurality over John Kerry in 2004? A: Orange County, California, my hometown. There are smaller counties that gave Bush a bigger percentage of the vote, but in total numbers The OC is the most Republican place in the country.

Q2: Which candidate has raised the most money in Orange County this year, Barack Obama or John McCain? A2: Barack Obama:

On the Balboa Bay Club’s wall of its most famous guests, there are photos of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford and, of course, the Duke. There are no Democratic politicians. Securely tucked behind the Orange Curtain, Newport Beach is Republican-held territory.

….On Sunday, the Democratic Illinois senator brought his campaign to the center of Republican power and did what he has done better than any other presidential candidate — raise money. Obama would leave with $1.2 million, an organizer estimated. With this infusion, he may exceed the amount GOP candidate John McCain has raised in Orange County.

….”We thought it was symbolic,” said [Frank] Barbaro, explaining why the event was held at the Balboa, long a favorite haunt of John Wayne and other Republican icons. “If you’re going to take it to them, take it to them where they live.”

I haven’t heard much about Obama’s fundraising lately, so I thought I’d pass this along. Seems like a good omen.

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