GAY MARRIAGE IN CALIFORNIA….Here’s the latest Field Poll on Proposition 8, the initiative that would ban same-sex marriage in California. There are still four months to go before the election, but initiatives have a hard time passing in California these days just generally, and nine points is a big deficit to make up under any circumstances. Given this, I think we can be cautiously optimistic that Prop 8 is going to fail, which means that gay marriage will have been approved by the courts, the governor, the legislature, and the public. There’s no way anyone will be able to complain that it’s anything but completely legitimate.

I’ve included the age demographics from the poll because I thought they were intriguing. Normally you see a very distinct age gradient in questions like this, with young people broadly in favor of gay marriage, middle-aged people split, and older people opposed. This time, however, the difference is fairly modest and the ban is opposed by every single age group. Interesting.

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