THE WILLIE LOMAN DEMOGRAPHIC….I suppose this campaign poster for John McCain is mockable on a lot of different levels, but if you want to know what it reminds me of (and you do, don’t you?), it’s those Successories™ themed motivational posters that have been such an object of sport over the past couple of decades. You know the ones: “Excellence,” “Determination,” “Leadership,” etc. etc. Right? And while the lazy bastards at probably won’t come up with their own jeering take on McCain’s poster, that doesn’t mean you can’t. Just go here and create your own.

Still, let’s face it: as my wife keeps reminding me, there’s a demographic that loves this stuff. Just like there’s a demographic that doesn’t appreciate sarcastic young whippersnappers and sympathizes with McCain’s difficulty in learning how to use the internet. The problem is that it’s a fairly small demographic and they’re all going to vote for McCain already. Everyone else just snickers at this stuff.