FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….I am so glad this week is over. It felt like the Bataan Death March of political campaign imbecility. Schmidt’s Sausage Haus! Barack Obama better watch out that he doesn’t get too popular! “Surge” means whatever John McCain says it means! Obama would rather lose a war than admit he’s wrong! Maliki was just mistranslated!

Ugh. And there’s still three months to go. On the bright side, Inkblot and Domino saw Obama being washed by the lovely Berlin sunset during his speech yesterday, and they decided they deserved the same treatment. I’m afraid the visuals team here at Catblogging HQ isn’t quite as sophisticated as Obama’s team, but we gave it our best shot. Can you tell which one is pretending to be Obama and which one is pretending to be McCain?

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