ZOMG!!!….VOTER FRAUD!!!….A nonprofit organization that employs people to register voters in Virginia noticed that three of its workers in Hampton Roads appeared to be faking names in order to make their daily quota, so they turned them in to authorities. And what was the response of the chairman of Virginia’s Republican Party? He warned people not to register to vote:

“Identity theft is widespread problem in Virginia,” [Jeff] Frederick said. “Today, I am encouraging voters who have filed out any of these voter registration forms to immediately contact their registrars, and Virginians should exercise caution when approached by a stranger who asks them for their information.”

And why should a minor incident like this make Virginians afraid of widespread identity theft? Say it along with me: It’s because this is, of course, not an isolated incident:

“We don’t know who’s doing all of this, but I’m sure that it’s more than one group,” Frederick said in a telephone news conference. “There’s certainly — definitely, I think — a more widespread problem than just an isolated incident.”

Definitely a widespread problem. Of course it is. And the name of this widespread problem is…..Barack Obama.

Via Swampland.

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