JOHN McCAIN’S “PALPABLE PAIN”….From Todd Purdum’s profile of John McCain in Vanity Fair today:

But irrepressible candor has always been McCain’s irresistible force, and its embers still burn bright. In Sparks, Nevada, this week, when a grouchy older man responded to McCain’s support for an immigrant guest-worker program by saying the United States needed to reform its child-labor laws to let young Anglo-Saxon American farm kids learn the value of hard work, McCain stubbornly responded that he still favored the guest-worker initiative.

That’s it? McCain disagreed with some crotchety old coot who wants to throw out our child labor laws so that more white kids can work in the fields? And then followed up by — stop the presses! — not flip-flopping on a signature position he’s held for years? The bar for “irrepressible candor” sure is getting low these days.