THE POLITICS OF HATE….Joe Klein responds to Mary Matalin, publisher of Jerome Corsi’s shiny new book alleging that Barack Obama really is a secret Muslim after all:

But hey, Mary stands to make big bucks off this scholarship, which I’m sure was submitted for peer review and otherwise held to the highest editorial standards — and I’m sure her reputation and mediagenicity won’t be damaged by this poisonous crap, and we’re all friends here, aren’t we? And, yknow, they say politics ain’t beanbag…and it’s all in the game to tell innocent, well-intentioned people that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim or that John Kerry wasn’t really a hero in Vietnam. Or, as George W. Bush, once told a rightly outraged John McCain — whose wife and daughter Bush’s minions had smeared — “It’s just politics.”

Does anyone know if John McCain has repudiated Corsi’s toxic swill? I did a desultory Google search last night and didn’t find anything, but my heart wasn’t really in it. Anybody know?

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