NO COMMENT….Tim Rutten sums up the argument of Jerome Corsi’s revolting new book, The Obama Nation:

The Democratic candidate is a deceitful jihadist drug addict who, if elected, plans to impose a black supremacist, socialist regime.

Charming. Naturally Corsi is now the darling of conservative talk radio, spreading his filth over the course of (so far) more than a hundred interviews. So what does John McCain think of this?

With the rest of the political universe buzzing about a controversial new book on Sen. Barack Obama, one person is staying quiet: Sen. John McCain….Approached by a curious reporter at an event on Friday and asked about the book, McCain replied: “Gotta keep your sense of humor.”

Charming squared. McCain’s handlers, of course, later rushed to say that he had just misheard the question. No doubt. He gets confused about stuff like this a lot. So what’s his reaction now that he knows for sure what the question was?

Brian Rogers, a McCain spokesman, declined to comment on the book. Aides said the Republican campaign has no intention of coming to Obama’s defense on every attack they have no control over.

Charming cubed. If that isn’t a green light to McCain’s supporters to say whatever needs to be said to smear Obama back into the stone age, I don’t know what is.

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