FALSE EQUIVALENCY WATCH…. While John McCain argues that he’s some kind of Washington outsider who stands up to lobbyists, the Obama campaign has been emphasizing the lobbyists who dominate McCain’s campaign staff.

Reader G.G. alerted me to this interesting fact-check report from CNN:

It’s true: Seven top McCain officials were lobbyists, though the campaign stresses that none is currently registered to lobby Congress.

CNN proceeds to document a lengthy list of lobbyists running McCain’s campaign operation — McCain’s campaign manager, senior foreign policy adviser, senior strategist, RNC liaison, economic adviser, congressional liaison, and national finance co-chairman are all former corporate lobbyists.

But, CNN has to add “balance” to the report.

But Obama’s case could be undermined by running mate Sen. Joe Biden’s close ties to lobbyists, including his son Hunter, who has worked for credit card giant MBNA.

Got that? McCain has surrounded himself with high-paid corporate lobbyists, who run most of his campaign operation. Obama’s running mate’s son is a lobbyist, who doesn’t work for the campaign in any capacity. Therefore, Obama’s case against McCain “could be undermined.”

I have no idea what CNN is talking about.

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