OMG Teh Cub Scouts!

It’s bad enough that Barack Obama wants to teach your kids about sex the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching, so that they can protect themselves against pedophiles. But, following up on a comment at the Washington Monthly, I see that the Cub Scouts do too.

Here’s the cover of a comic book on the subject, designed for use by Cub Scouts (ages 7-10; grades 1-5.)

Cub Scouts Safety Manual Pictures, Images and Photos

Here’s the description:

“This 8-page comic is the third in a series of youth protection comics for Cub Scout aged kids featuring Akela, Baloo, and T.C. It illustrates scenarios that advise kids about the dangers of strangers and inappropriate behavior by adults toward children, and what to do in scary situations.”

The horror!

I await John McCain’s denunciation of scouting. Somehow, I think I’ll be waiting for a long, long time.

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