Tuesday’s Mini-Report

TUESDAY’S MINI-REPORT…. Today’s edition of quick hits:

* As expected, the Fed left interest rates unchanged.

* Pakistan is threatening to shoot at U.S. Special Forces that enter their country without an invitation.

* Democrats are suing to prevent Michigan Republicans from challenging voters based on home foreclosures.

* Fascinating item in Salon on Todd Palin.

* Under the circumstances, McCain may want to learn the initials for the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

* Charlie Rangel doesn’t plan on giving up his gavel.

* CNN’s Candy Crowley offers a good example of what’s wrong with the media’s campaign coverage.

* MSNBC’s Jon Decker offers a good example of what’s ridiculous about the media’s campaign coverage.

* McCain is, even now, lying about the Bridge to Nowhere.

* If it seems like the media is blatantly ignoring Joe Biden, it’s because the media is blatantly ignoring Joe Biden.

* Push-polls rear their ugly head? Maybe.

* Reporters aboard McCain’s plane are getting a little restless.

* Harry Reid sees similarities between McCain and Herbert Hoover. Paul Krugman is thinking along the same lines.

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