Debate liveblogging

DEBATE LIVEBLOGGING…. Is it the last debate already? Showtime in just a couple of minutes….

9:04: McCain just America is “angry” five times. We get it.

9:05: You know, Fannie/Freddie really wasn’t responsible for this crisis, but that’s McCain’s story and he’s sticking to it.

9:07: “Fundamentals were weak” before the crisis. Subtle.

9:09: “We both want to cut taxes; the difference is who we want to cut taxes for.”

9:10: Joe the Plumber is getting all kinds of attention.

9:11: The first “class warfare” reference. It’s still early.

9:13: There’s that line about business taxes in Ireland. That’s wrong. Yglesias tackled that one a couple of weeks ago.

9:17: “A culture and ethic of responsibility.”

9:17: McCain could answer the deficit question, but he didn’t like it, so he’s answering a different one. Who is he, Palin?

9:18: There’s that spending freeze idea again. Remember, he doesn’t mean it.

9:19: I don’t think McCain knows what an overhead projector is. It’s not exactly new technology, senator, try and keep up.

9:21: Thanks, Obama, for explaining that earmarks matter, but they don’t really matter.

9:21: McCain is going to eliminate a half-trillion dollar deficit in four years? With a war and tax cuts for billionaires? Seriously?

9:21: There’s the $42,000 lie. What a shock.

9:24: “Even Fox News disputes it.” Very nice.

9:25: It was clumsy language, but McCain just made it sound like he opposed the war in Iraq. He obviously didn’t.

9:26: It’s Obama’s fault that McCain has been sleazy? How completely insane.

9:27: McCain’s misquoting John Lewis.

9:27: McCain’s repudiated every out-of-line comment from Republicans? What planet is he on?

9:29: It’s not about “hurt feelings.” Puts Obama in a position of strength.

9:31: McCain really sounds like he’s feeling sorry for himself, like the Big Bad Obama’s ads made him feel bad. Weak.

9:34: McCain is stumbling and whining, as if rhetotic matters more than anythng else. This is a huge mistake.

9:34: Did McCain just complain about t-shirts? Seriously?

9:36: And there’s the Ayers question. And the ACORN question. And the fraud lie.

9:38: Obama’s responding with the facts and the truth. What a concept.

9:39: Obama is literally laughing at McCain’s suggestion that his campaign is about the economy. I’m laughing, too.

9:43: Yes, we have gotten to know Palin. And the more Americans see her, the less they like her.

9:46: McCain is against spending more on special-needs kids? What an odd response.

9:52: Didn’t McCain oppose offshore drilling until the polls said he should reverse course? Just checking.

9:58: McCain is looking at Obama, but he’s rolling his eyes a lot. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an angrier looking presidential candidate in a debate.

10:01: I’ve got a great idea — McCain should dump Palin from the GOP ticket and pick up Joe the Plumber.

10:03: Obama seems to be crushing McCain on the entire healthcare debate. Just completely one-sided.

10:06: Congressional Dems are to blame for Bush’s failtures. What an odd argument.

10:07: McCain wouldn’t impose a litmus test? He told Gary Bauer the opposite eight years ago.

10:08: Wait, did McCain just say he wouldn’t impose a litmus test — but if you disagree with him on Roe, you’re not qualified? That’s what it sounded like; I’ll have to check the transcript.

10:11: Lily Ledbetter. Excellent. McCain’s position is indefensible.

10:15: Obama finally gets to his best talking point on abortion rights — “common ground” by reducing unwanted pregnancies. That’s the right line.

10:19: After a spectacular answer on education from Obama, McCain immediately moves to vouchers. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

10:24: Vouchers in D.C. have been a total disaster. The program is a total embarrassment. Obama didn’t “pay more attention” to the program? McCain doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he’s talking about.

10:31: Largely forgettable closings.

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Steve Benen

Steve Benen is a producer at MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show. He was the principal contributor to the Washington Monthly's Political Animal blog from August 2008 until January 2012.