GOOD SEATS ARE STILL AVAILABLE…. Here’s what John McCain had to say this morning in Tampa:

“The pundits may not know it and the Democrats may not know it, but the Mac is back! We’re going to win this election.”

Perhaps the more notable development, though, was the audience for McCain’s message. (via Ben Smith)

About 30 minutes before John McCain is scheduled to lead a rally outside Raymond James Stadium, looks like maybe 1,000 people here. What’s up with that? On the day before the election? Bush drew at least 15,000 people to a rally just across the street on the Sunday before the 04 election.

“We are the quiet majority that goes out and gets things done. I smell victory,” said state Rep. Kevin Ambler. Good thing he smells it, because it’s hard to see it with this crowd.

Republican consultant Chris Ingram of Tampa added, “If you can’t round up 1,500 people the day before the election, you’ve got a serious problem. From an organizational standpoint, they’ve done a terrible job.”

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