RESISTANCE IS FUTILE…. ABC News’ “The Note” wants drama and is willing to manufacture it if necessary.

So much for no drama. Surely a certain soon-to-be-ex-senator knows this by now, but here’s the thing about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: She tends to steal the scenes she’s playing in. […]

The Hillary [Secretary of State] rumors are the first potential stumbling block for the smooth machine that is President-elect Barack Obama’s transition efforts — and it revolves around a storyline that seems never to get old.

I had the same reaction as Tim Fernholz.

No, it does get old! It’s old right now!

Quite right. Is there some great hunger out there for this “storyline” about Clinton and Obama?

I mean, really. Clinton “tends to steal the scenes”? Her discussion with Obama represents a “potential stumbling block”? The non-existent feud “never gets old”? I’d hoped we were past this.

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