More Daycare

Steve noted this poll from USNews’ Washington Whispers site:

He asked: “Would it ever occur to them, even for a moment, to ask who would run the best daycare center: Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden, or John Boehner?”

Well, no. But let’s take this a bit further. Here are some other polls I do not expect to see on the Washington Whispers page:

If you needed some yard work done, would you hire Mel Martinez, Henry Cisneros, Xavier Becerra, or Bill Richardson?

If you needed a rap DJ for a party, would you hire Barack Obama, Charlie Rangel, John Lewis, or Michael Steele?

If you needed an interior decorator, would you choose Jim McGreevey, Barney Frank, Larry Craig, or the disinterred corpse of Harvey Milk?

It’s not just that the people who make up polls for the Washington Whispers page would not expect John McCain to run a daycare center. It’s that they would probably recognize any of these other appeals to stereotypes as offensive. And yet, oddly enough, asking which one of four prominent women we’d like to have running our children’s day care center is A-OK.