Almost Like The Nazis, Except For, Well, Everything …

Via Media Matters, Michael Savage:

“The fact of the matter is that Obama may be getting ready to organize his own personal army not of brown shirts but of green shirts. And that is why he has given this street thug Van Jones — in my opinion a street thug, a man who has specialized in harassing the police themselves — this all-important job. If Obama should appoint thousands, or more than thousands, of people to the environmental green czar to work for him, and then he deputizes them and then gives them guns, and then gives them federal powers over that of the local police, then you will know that we are repeating history in the United States of America.

You see, there was another man in another country who rose to power on an army of street thugs. And he had a friend named Ernst Romm who headed up an organization called the SA. The SA was a political army which protected the Nazi party leadership. It battled political opponents and terrorized the German people who opposed Hitler. Ernst Romm was an avowed socialist. He rejected capitalism. He pushed for the nationalization of German industry and the redistribution of wealth. It seems that the Obama appointees actually have almost the same exact policies as the Nazi Party did.

What you don’t know is that the environment, in this case, is being used by the Obama administration in an attempt to gain control of the US population. The brownshirts, as I said, under Hitler, were used to intimidate Germans who opposed Hitler. My fear is that Obama will be using the greenshirts, these street agitators, in order to control the police and the people.

Now you’re not able to talk about this because you don’t know who I’m talking about, because the vermin in the media are covering up this very dangerous situation that is going on right in front of your nose.”

Well: if any President took some federal bureaucracy — the US Geological Survey, say, or the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, or the Agricultural Marketing Service — and gave them guns and federal power over the police and the people, and used it as his own private army, that would be scary! I’m not sure why people hired to weatherize buildings or construct a smart grid would be more likely to be transformed into such an army than the other bureaucracies I mentioned, but it’s still a sobering thought. But there are a few tiny problems:

(1) It would be illegal.

(2) There is no indication whatsoever that Obama plans to do any such thing.

(3) Jones’ job in the Obama administration doesn’t involve control over any large agency.

(4) If he did want to create a private army, he’d have a hard time using people who get green jobs under the stimulus package, since they will probably mostly be private contractors.

But if Obama did create a private army under Van Jones, despite his having given no indication whatsoever of doing this, and despite Van Jones’ job not having any such powers, and if the courts and the Congress somehow acquiesced in this flagrant illegality, that would be pretty awful! And if, in addition, he started a global war of aggression, opened concentration camps, and committed genocide, then he’d “have almost the same exact policies as the Nazi Party did.”

Likewise, if Michael Savage were to take over the US, send its urban population to do forced labor on collective farms, confiscate private property, abolish money, and create a massive famine that killed at least one eighth of the population, he’d be a lot like Pol Pot. And if he had wheels, he’d be a trolleycar.

Obama possibly being a Nazi, Michael Savage possibly being Pol Pot, the horrifying specter of human/trolleycar hybrids: it’s a scary, scary world we live in!

Or, you know, maybe not.


PS: Anyone want to argue that Savage would have called Van Jones a “street thug” if he weren’t black?