Bermuda Does What We Will Not

Yesterday, four of the Uighur detainees at Guantanamo were transferred to Bermuda. Some or all of the rest might go to Palau. Apparently, the British government is upset, and some Bermudans are worried about the effects on the tourist industry:

“”When an American is watching an ad (for Bermuda) it hits my mind as an American, they saw the level of intense media attention, I say to myself, ‘Hmm, that’s the country that accepted Guantanamo Bay detainees’ … This is a fact, mark my words, tourism will be affected by this,” said Donte Hunt, a deputy party chairman for the United Bermuda Party, the government’s opposition party.

But the Bermudan government defended its decision to take the Uighurs, who the U.S. feared would face torture if sent to China. Minister of Education, Elvin James, a staunch ally of Prime Minister Ewart Brown, lamented the attention that’s been paid to the nation, but said the “constant criticism” is unfair.

“If we have people here who are homeless, does it not mean we can take care of four more? … That’s the love we need to show here today,” James said during a boisterous parliamentary session that mimics the British system.

“We have people here, taken against their will, proven to be innocent, and now they want a chance to survive and earn a decent living,” James said, earning loud laughter from opponents.”

I’m glad for the four who are free: it’s about time. I only wish my own country had done as much, instead of acting like cowards.

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