From the Toronto Star (h/t CharleyCarp):


“After almost eight years of captivity, each step of Khelil Mamut’s freedom is a little overwhelming.

The ocean, which he could hear only on windy days when the waves crashed beyond Guantanamo’s razor wire rimmed fence, is now something he can wade into.

People call him by his name, not 278, his internee serial number.

Then there was the horse he saw while walking one of the island trails on Thursday, the day he and three other Chinese citizens of the Muslim Uighur minority arrived in Bermuda. The animal made him stop suddenly, just to stare.

“How can I express it,” he said yesterday, describing the new tropical home where he now lives with the three other former Guantanamo detainees. “It is so great, so beautiful.”

“This may be a small island,” added Abdullah Abdulqadir. “But it has a big heart.””

That’s Khelil Mamut on the left right, with the fish. Salahidin Abdulahat is on the right left. They look happy. So am I.

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