“What The Hell Do I Know!”

NIAC has published an interesting account of yesterday’s demonstrations. It’s really worth reading. One bit that stood out:

“There is a woman who is being beaten. She’s horrified and hysterical but not as much as the anti-riot police officer facing her. She shrieks, ‘Where can I go? You tell me go down the street and you beat me. Then you come up from the other side and beat me again. Where can I go?’ In sheer desperation, the officer hits his helmet several times hard with his baton. ‘Damn me! Damn me! What the hell do I know!’

I ask myself, ‘how much longer can these officers tolerate stress? How many among them would be willing to give their lives for somebody like Ahmadinejhad?’”

That is, I think, the real question.

Comic relief: I meant to post this a few days ago, but forgot. Now Andrew Sullivan has reminded me by posting it himself. It is, apparently, an Iranian propaganda film from last year, featuring claymation John McCain and George Soros sitting in the White House, plotting the overthrow of Iran. And who knew that Toby Ziegler from the West Wing worked for Iranian intelligence?

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