The Awful Truth

In my last post, I noted the disquieting fact that Nick Gillespie, the editor of Reason, misquotes Carl Sandburg in the same way as Bill Ayers. Using Jack Cashill’s methodology, I have now discovered frightening new evidence that Ayers actually ghostwrites Nick Gillespie’s blog posts at Reason. Specifically:

* As Jack Cashill notes, both Bill Ayers and Barack Obama refer to a “yellow dog”. Nick Gillespie uses the phrase “Yellow Dog Democrat“. Coincidence? I think not.

* Bill Ayers refers to “ducks”. So does Gillespie.

* Like Ayers, Nick Gillespie refers to “water buffaloes“.

* Like Ayers, Nick Gillespie uses the word ‘baleful‘, which even Jack Cashill had to look up.

* Like Ayers, and unlike Cashill, Nick Gillespie knows what the term “bill of particulars” means.

* Like Ayers, Nick Gillespie writes a lot about “social control“.

* Gillespie also uses the phrase “beneath the surface“, a sure sign of secretly being Bill Ayers.

* Gillespie does not talk much about eyebrows, a trademark Ayers word. However, his own eyebrows are rather impressive. Ayers probably implanted them as Gillespie slept.

I could go on, but you get the point. Faced with this mass of A-level matches, there is only one possible conclusion: the editor of the best libertarian magazine I know is actually an aging ex-Weatherman.

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