CONSERVATIVE COMEDY…. National Review‘s Cliff May had a brief item the other day, headlined, “A Bipartisan Proposal.” It read, in its entirety:

Step (1): Return all Gitmo detainees to Yemen.

Step (2): Use Predator missiles to strike the baggage-claim area 20 minutes after they arrive.

Just an idea.

Glenn Greenwald reminds us that, according to U.S. officials, many of the Yemeni detainees have done nothing wrong and are not considered a threat. The “idea” of executing them, based on nothing but their country of origin, is, of course, insane. Indeed, if an outfit like al Qaeda in Yemen wanted to convince potential recruits that the United States is hostile towards Yemenis, it’s not hard to imagine an item like May’s being exploited.

May later said his item was an attempt at “humor,” and accused Greenwald of failing to recognize a “parody.” (It’s unclear who or what May was parodying; perhaps he meant “satire”?)

It’s a reminder that conservative humor is just so … droll. Here we have a prominent conservative political magazine publishing a “parody” about the summary execution of innocent people. Isn’t that hilarious?

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