The George W. Bush Institute at Sweet Valley University denies that it ever had any dealings with George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States. According to Bush Institute Executive Director Peter Betterman:

As the policy research arm of SVU, the Bush Institute undertakes serious, independent research in its areas of focus, in order to develop practical solutions to public policy problems. It will frequently work in partnership with non-profit private institutions, businesses and U.S. and international government agencies. We are totally nonpartisan and nonideological.

Asked about the relationship between his organization and the president after whom it appears to be named, Betterman appeared confused: “George W. Who?” he asked. “Never heard of ‘em. Listen we have a lot of funders. Maybe the public affairs office might be able to answer your question.”

The entire SVU campus, in fact, appeared reluctant to discuss the namesake of their well-regarded policy institution.

According to SVU junior Rebecca MacDonald, “the Institute is a really nice building. It’s next door to Pi Phi. Nope, I don’t know who it’s named after. I mean, aren’t all the buildings named after people? I think they’re people who gave money to SVU.”[Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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