Students at California State University at Los Angeles were very annoyed when budget cuts led the school to cut back library hours. Now the library closes at 8 PM. That is, after all, where students like to study, particularly during finals. And so, according to an article an article by Carla Rivera in the Los Angeles Times, they created a makeshift “library” of their own:

Since it opened June 1, the so-called “People’s Library” has been available until midnight each day. It was organized by a group of students after administrators curtailed regular library hours this year because of state budget cuts.

Organizers contend that reduced access to library resources was affecting students’ studies, especially in the run-up to this week’s final exams. So they gathered donated chairs and tables and have been using campus electrical hookups for lighting and equipment just outside the university’s main library.

The People’s Library, located on a plaza adjacent to the real library, features a copy machine, a printer, and free coffee. Students with research to do in preparation for final papers are probably still out of luck, however. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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