The somewhat regrettably named high school student Yale Fan will not actually be attending Yale. This might not be such a big deal if he were matriculating at, say, Berkeley or Swarthmore. But no, he’s going to Harvard. According to a piece in Ivy Gate:

For Yale Fan, 18, it’s just his name. And, of course, he’s headed to college. With all the eighteen years of his name as a backdrop, you could easily guess – and bow in wrongful shame. Yale Fan is going to Harvard – which translates to Yale Fan will hear boos at roll call, at cold breakfasts, at football games. One sip of Ciroc (read: Popov with its label swapped) too many and Yale will find himself in a raw match of geek fisticuffs, crimson-nosed in the Harvard gauntlet.

Technically Fan’s name isn’t really Yale. As an article in the Harvard Crimson explained:

“Yale” was just phonetically close to his Chinese name, “Ye”—which is part of “shiye,” meaning “undertaking.” His parents decided that two letters was just too short for a name, so they added “al” in the middle and made “Yale.”

I suppose, though surely his parents much have known. It’s not like they live in China. His family is from Beaverton, Oregon. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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