This is sort of entertaining.

Rasmussen College, a for-profit college with branches all over the Midwest, features recipes for different varieties of Ramen Noodles on its website. This is part of the institution’s “survival guide.” As the guide explains:

Going to college requires a lot of your time, which doesn’t allow you to cook your common four-course meal. Using the age-old college fallback, ramen noodles, you can cook yourself a tasty treat in a short amount of time without breaking the bank.

That helpful money-saving tip from Rasmussen seems a little disingenuous, however, since tuition at the school comes out to almost $19,000 a year.

Attending a community college (average annual tuition: $4,550) instead would leave students with a lot more money, perhaps enabling them to eat balanced meals. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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