Colleges in general might not be too worried about drinking, but apparently Duke sure is. According to an article by Matt Ehlers and Eric Ferreri in the News & Observer:

“Tailgate,” Duke University’s officially sanctioned pre-game football party, tried to corral boisterous, beer-drinking college students in a manner that was tolerable to campus administrators.

To no one’s surprise, that really couldn’t be done. University officials have canceled Saturday’s Tailgate.

Duke has apparently had tailgate parties every weekend before home games during the football season. In a policy that seems bewildering to anyone who didn’t attend college in the South, the school apparently allowed students to drive cars and bring cases of beer to the event. Attendees didn’t have to be 21, though they did have to show a Duke ID, or be the guest of someone with from Duke.

Duke decided to cancel future tailgates when students found a 15-year-old girl passed out in a portable toilet after the tailgate last weekend. Her brother was a Duke student.

According to Duke Sophomore Chris Brown, the Duke Student Government vice president for athletics and campus services:

Although Tailgate is something that we all know and love… we really need to ask ourselves some questions about the event, about the culture surrounding it and look past the one pro everyone knows about—that it’s an event open to everyone.

Yea, that might be a good idea. Or the school could decide to ask no questions, ignore the culture surrounding the event, and just cancel the party.

Oh, why does no one seem to understand how to get drunk correctly anymore? [Image via]

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