University of Georgia student Daniel Burnett (right), the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, the Red & Black, resigned Monday after an awkward incident in the president’s box at the school’s football stadium.

According to an article by Jaime Sarrio and Jim Galloway in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The editor-in-chief of the University of Georgia’s campus newspaper resigned Monday after being asked to leave the president’s box – and a visit with Gov.-elect Nathan Deal and Gov. Sonny Perdue — during Saturday’s game against Georgia Tech.

…Burnett, 22, acknowledged Monday that he had been drinking at a tailgate party Saturday before he went to the game. He apologized for his behavior but said he was not drunk and doesn’t believe he acted intoxicated in front of the governor and the governor-elect.

Well he apologized for what behavior then?

Apparently Burnett attended the event on behalf of the school newspaper. While watching the game Burnett spoke with Adams, Perdue, and Deal.

One of Adams’ staff then asked to escort Burnett out of the president’s box because it appeared the student journalist was intoxicated. “Yeah, that’s fine,” Burnett responded as he walked out.

Well that’s no fun, Adams. I guess Georgia’s not such a great party school after all. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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