So what’s the future of the University of California look like? Well, according to a piece in the Contra Costa Times, not so great. As Matt Krupnick writes:

The University of California should increase the number of out-of-state students and boost online enrollment, a UC panel has recommended.

In its report released Monday, the UC Commission on the Future outlined possible solutions to a growing budget deficit that has threatened the university’s academic quality. Many of the recommended actions are already under way, and the advisory panel held off suggesting more drastic changes, such as cutting enrollment, financial aid and jobs.

Both of those solutions proposed, however, would actually make the university worse. Or at least they would undermine the fundamental nature of the university system, which exists to provide high quality education at low cost to the people of California.

It’s a budget deficit problem. Fix the budget problem.

Putting the university on a path toward privatization and online courses might save some cash in the short term, but it’s not the way to make the University of California great, or to keep the state well educated. [Image via]

Daniel Luzer

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