Haven’t done one of these for a while…occasional item about items not in the news or not happening, which is actually news of itself.

1. White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley. I have no idea of how good a job he’s doing overall, but unless I’m missing it I don’t see many liberals who are frustrated with the White House blaming it on Daley. Of course, liberals were quick to blame Daley’s predecessor, Rahm Emanuel, for all sorts of things. I don’t think liberals (at least outside of Washington and Chicago) like Daley very much, but they don’t seem very interested in him, at least from what I see.

2. Impeachment! Occasional speculation notwithstanding, it’s been 30 months so far and as far as I know we still haven’t had a single Republican file a formal impeachment resolution. I was wrong on this one; I thought they would be much quicker to do it (of course, this is related to another dog not barking, Obama Administration scandals — although the relationship between the two is difficult to sort out, in my view). Republicans deserve credit for not being as crazy (so far at least!) as some of us expected.

3. Oh, I’ll just go with an obvious one. Inflation.

4. You know what — I remember there was a rider on something that came from the House (was it the CR?) that would double-super make sure that the Fairness Doctrine wasn’t coming back, but I have no idea whether it wound up being passed into law or not. I’m too lazy to look it up now…I’ll just pivot to the ever-popular immanent imposition of strict gun control by the White House.

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