Rick Perry recently made extensive remarks on foreign policy to the VFW National Convention, and raised a few eyebrows when he said, “I do not believe that America should fall subject to a foreign policy of military adventurism.”

It seemed like a fairly reasonable start to a larger vision. Unfortunately, though, Perry’s aversion to “military adventurism” wouldn’t preclude sending U.S. troops into Mexico.

Rick Perry signaled Saturday he would be open to sending U.S. troops into Mexico to combat drug cartels should the situation arise.

After speaking at a house party in [New Hampshire], the Texas governor was asked a series of questions about the border and his stance on illegal immigration.

He said the leaders of Mexico and the U.S. should meet after next year’s elections to address the deadly drug trade in that country.

“It may require our military in Mexico working in concert with them to kill these drug cartels and to keep them off of our border,” Perry said.

Hmm, sending U.S. troops into Mexico to target drug cartels. What could possibly go wrong?

Perry’s spokesperson later told reporters Perry would consider a cooperative effort between American and Mexican officials, but the campaign official “declined to specify” whether Perry is “amenable to sending troops into Mexico with or without the country’s consent.”

So, Mr. No Adventurism isn’t prepared to rule out an invasion of Mexico?

Given the larger context, it’s likely the Texas governor is overcompensating. Perry’s campaign ran into serious trouble over his support for in-state tuition for children of undocumented immigrants, so it stands to reason that the one-time frontrunner would be eager to prove to Republicans how “tough” he is.

But I rather doubt this is going to help.

Also note, Perry has been incoherent on U.S. policy in Afghanistan, and believes the “driving force” behind the Arab Spring in the Middle East is President Obama’s non-existent willingness to “apologize for America’s exceptionalism,”

Anyone who takes international affairs seriously should find the prospect of a Perry presidency rather terrifying.

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