Just a quick note about the Federal Reserve meeting today and tomorrow: yes, there are still two empty seats at the table, and yes, we’ve gone yet another month without Barack Obama nominating anyone.

No, it’s not entirely Obama’s fault — after the Peter Diamond fiasco, I’m sure it’s a lot harder to find someone willing to have her name submitted, putting her life in limbo for months and then perhaps never advancing to a vote. And to the extent that Obama is consulting with Republicans before naming someone in order to avoid disaster, that’s a good thing.  Clearly, the main story here is GOP obstruction — and part of Obama’s failure is that he hasn’t made that extraordinary obstruction a big story.

Obama has had a long time to figure out a response to that obstruction, and while there are some successes, for the most part he’s just not getting it done. Still no Fed nominees? Absolutely awful.

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