Rep. Robert Dold, a Republican freshman representing part of the north side of Chicago, sent an email message to constituents yesterday. “I want to hear your thoughts on the important issues facing our nation today,” the congressman wrote. “Please particapte [sic] in my survey below so I know what matters to you.”

An alert reader forwarded me a copy of the survey, which asked voters, “What do you believe are the most important issues facing the federal government today?” Take a look at the options the public has to choose from.

In case the image is hard to read, the options included, debt and deficit; spending; tax reform, Medicare and Social Security, health care, immigration, protecting the environment, education, foreign affairs, national security, and other.

Congressional Republicans are often accused of ignoring job creation and economic growth, but we don’t usually see such literal examples of the problem.

Dold, by the way, won thanks to support from Grover Norquist and Rudy Giuliani in 2010, but is generally considered one of the more vulnerable GOP incumbents in 2012.

If he keeps making lists of the most important issues Congress should be working on, and forgetting to even mention jobs, Dold’s chances of re-election will likely fade even more.

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