Byron Thomas

Apparently a student at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort, Byron Thomas, annoyed campus administers when he decided to hang a Confederate flag in his dormitory window.

Thomas is black.

According to an Associated Press article by Susanne Schafer in The State:

The 19-year-old student at the University of South Carolina Beaufort took the flag down at the university’s request, but he said he’s considering putting it back up after the officials relented. Byron Thomas has drawn nearly 70,000 views since he posted a video online in which he acknowledges: “I know it’s kind of weird because I’m black.”

“When I look at this flag, I don’t see racism. I see respect, Southern pride,” he said.

Yea, it’s really weird because you’re black.

While the presence of a Confederate flag in a dorm room at a Southern college is actually not all that rare, it’s still troublesome.

Because the thing is the Confederate flag might very well symbolize “respect and Southern pride” but it’s mostly respect and pride for a period of time in which black people were enslaved. [Image via]

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