Apparently Brigham Young University, Idaho, will no longer allow skinny jeans. According to an article by Stephanie Grimes in the Student Review:

Trends come and go, but the skinny on BYU-Idaho’s most recent addition to the honor code shows one trend going more quickly than some students would like.

Students at Brigham Young University, Idaho recently encountered a new sign in the university’s testing center that read simply, “No skinny jeans.”

Students at the Mormon-affiliated school are already prohibited from wearing shorts, flip-flops, and “any worn, faded, or patched clothing.”

The school responded that, technically, the university did not ban skinny jeans. In the words of Student Services and Activities Vice President Kevin Miyasaki, “the university’s testing center had acted independently in making a rule about tight jeans.” According to a follow-up article by Hunter Schwarz:

“We have not identified “skinny jeans” as a specific violation of the dress and grooming standard,” Miyasaki said in an e-mail to the blog Gawker . “We are aware of the incident and the Student Honor Office is working with the Testing Center to address the issue.”

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