Apparently Cardiff University, a college in the United Kingdom, is hosting a contest. The winner gets free tuition.

According to a piece by Gareth Evans in the South Wales Echo:

A university has launched its own take on Willy Wonka’s “golden ticket” – by offering wannabe students the chance to win a lifetime of free tuition. Cardiff University’s “ultimate scholarship” could be worth more than £50,000 to one lucky competition winner.

Applicants will have to undergo a series of academic tasks designed to find the most “exceptional” learner in a process unlike any other seen before in the UK. Open to all domestic and European undergraduates, the competition will test students on five key subject areas spanning science, engineering and the humanities.

Throw in costly postgraduate studies – by way of masters and PhDs – and the golden ticket is likely to cost Cardiff University several thousand pounds more.

Students will undergo several challenges between now and next spring. They will increase in difficultly over time.

Louise Casella, the university’s director of strategic development, told Evans the golden ticket “will reinforce our position as one of the most sought after universities amongst some of the most talented students in the UK.”

Actually it probably won’t do that; a humiliating competition like this looks pretty tacky.

Prior to 1998 anyone in the United Kingdom could, if admitted, attend British a university without paying tuition. [Image via]

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