Newt Over Promises

Really — I could easily run two or three items a day on the disgraced former Speaker, and I’ve tried to avoid doing that. But I did love this one today: it seems that Newt’s been promising an all-out assault on Iowa, except that his bus tour keeps shrinking. Sort of like how he was going to do an all-out blitz on Virginia to get on the ballot there, except somehow he managed not to.

Or how he would tell House Republicans in 1995 about his plans to storm into the White House and tell off the president and not give an inch…which always preceded a complete fold as soon as he stepped into the Oval Office. Which he would then not be able to defend when he went back to the GOP conference, which of course meant that the impasse didn’t end.

The guy is Tom P. Baxter, Business Visionary, and always has been. You could sort of understand why someone who just met him might get swept up in all of his wonderful beloved words at first, but Bill McNeal would peg him as a total fraud in no time, and by the end of the half hour you would be telling security to ban him from the building, too.*

*Yes, I’m bitter that Reelz pulled NewsRadio. Coach? Really?

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