Here at the Washington Monthly, our cardinal mission is to help you see the clockwork of government, politics, and public life more clearly. But we also have another big calling: minting great editors and writers and sending them out into the world. Over the course of its 40 years, the Monthly has launched the careers of an uncanny number of the nation’s best journalists. Here are some choice words from just a tiny few of our former staffers (if you heard from all of them, we’d be here awhile):

“Most of the good things I’ve learned about journalism I learned at the Washington Monthly. And only a few of the bad! Under Charlie Peters and now Paul Glastris, the Washington Monthly has been an indispensable institution for explaining public life and training young journalists how to do so.” — James Fallows, national correspondent at The Atlantic, former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter.

“The Washington Monthly is an indispensable source on what’s really going on in the American political system: passionate, knowledgable, intellectually honest, and interested in the real story of how this society is governed, not the shouting and spin.” — Nicholas Lemann, staff writer at the New Yorker and dean of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

“The Washington Monthly tackles the Beltway from a rare, arguably unique, perspective: clear-eyed enough to explain how government really works yet idealistic enough to keep fighting for how it should work.” — Michelle Cottle, senior editor at The New Republic and Washington reporter for the Daily Beast.

“The Washington Monthly teaches a desperately needed lesson for a cynical era. It reminds us that to uphold and refine free government is the core challenge of American patriotism.” — Taylor Branch, Pulitzer prize-winning author of America in the King Years and >The Clinton Tapes.

“Policy journalism is better than it’s ever been in Washington, and that state of affairs owes a great deal to the Washington Monthly–a magazine that was teaching young beltway journalists to care more about CBO charts than sex scandals before most of today’s bloggers were even born.” –Charles Homans, special correspondent for The New Republic.

That’s right: if you value policy reportage in particular and serious journalism in general, you should support the Washington Monthly! You could help launch the career of the next Jonathan Alter, Katherine Boo, Gregg Easterbrook, James Bennett, Benjamin Wallace-Wells, Nicholas Confessore, Joshua Green, Jason DeParle… you get the idea. At the very least, you’ll support the daily dose of fresh thinking you get from this blog and the deep, clear thinking we aim to provide consistently in the magazine. We’re in the midst of our annual year-end fundraising drive, so click here and toss in a few bucks—$10, $20, $30, $50, whatever you can afford. Donations to the Monthly are tax-deductible—we’re a non-profit outfit, and really appreciate and rely on the help we get from readers to continue to do what we do.

John Gravois

John Gravois is an editor of the Washington Monthly.