We covered a fair amount of ground over the weekend. Here’s a quick overview of what you may have missed.

On Sunday, we talked about:

* When it comes to job creation at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney’s campaign are making two very different claims.

* Jon Huntsman is looking forward to the eventual reemergence of “a sane Republican Party.” I’m fairly certain he’s not the only one.

* Romney seems to think elected office is only for the rich. That probably won’t help his “out-of-touch elitist” problem.

* George Stephanopoulos asked the question in a clumsy way, but pressing candidates on the right to privacy is worthwhile.

* In Rick Santorum’s mind, married couples shouldn’t necessarily be “married couples,” and the middle class shouldn’t necessarily be called the “middle class.”

* Saturday night’s debate in New Hampshire was supposed to be the debate in which the gloves came off. It wasn’t.

And on Saturday, we talked about:

* Whether Romney is a shameless flip-flopper is no longer open to debate. Whether it’s the right attack for his detractors is a different question.

* We’ve reached the point at which major-party presidential candidates accuse the president of hating America so frequently, we hardly notice anymore.

* Romney has a lot of victims from his private-sector experience, and they’re likely to keep haunting him.

* The anti-Romney contingent in the GOP need to coalesce around a single candidate. For Bill Kristol, that appears to be Santorum.

* In “This Week in God,” we talked about, among other things, TV preacher Pat Robertson’s belief that God told him directly who’ll win the 2012 presidential race.

* The “how many homes” issue isn’t one Romney seems comfortable dealing with.

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