Many critics argue that one of the major reasons for the rising cost of college education is the high salaries of college administrators, whose ranks have grown expansively in recent years.

So this is rare. According to an article by Kathleen Megan in the Hartford Courant:

This week the state Board of Regents for Higher Education released a list of 24 positions that will be eliminated in the state university and community college systems, mostly high-paying administrative jobs with an average salary of $141,000.

“I think it will be close to $5 million, if not a little over” in savings, said Michael Meotti, executive vice president of the new Board of Regents for Higher Education.

A listing of the jobs, including assistant vice chancellors and human resource and finance administrators, says the total saved will be $4.734 million.

The eliminations are made possible because Connecticut, in order to save money, is consolidating the management of its the state universities and community colleges. Now all of the institutions will be run by the same people.

Meotti said that the $4.7 million will go to hire faculty.

“The goal here is to save on administration and overhead … and re-align the funding to improve the educational services at the campus level, which usually means faculty,” Meotti apparnelty told Megan.

Meotti, however, will be keeping his job. He appears to earn about $180,000 a year.

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Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer