The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had a little fun at the GOP leadership’s expense this week, mocking the Speaker and Majority Leader for their recent globetrotting. As Dems see it, these guys have more pressing matters at hand.

With House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor on separate overseas trips, Democrats are taking shots in their absence.

A new DCCC website — — pounces on the GOP leaders for their globetrotting during congressional recess, when Democrats say they ought be at work tax cut plan. Of course, globetrotting during congressional recess is a time-honored, bipartisan tradition, so the dig does lose some of its punch.

The House is scheduled to return next week and is expected to pick up where it left off — fighting over how to pay for a yearlong extension of the payroll tax break.

Boehner has been traveling in Latin America, with stops in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, while Cantor visited the Middle East, by way of Paris. (The image the Dems posted shows Cantor with a photoshopped beret in front of the Eiffel Tower.)

With Fox News and other Republicans raising a fuss last month over President Obama’s trip to Hawaii, I suppose it stands to reason that Dems are going to try to return the favor.

But I had a slightly different question: if the Speaker and Majority Leader are gallivanting around the world, doesn’t that mean Congress is in recess? Indeed, the L.A. Times report defended their travels by saying “globetrotting during congressional recess is a time-honored, bipartisan tradition.”

But I thought Republicans said Congress isn’t in recess?

For that matter, Eric Cantor’s own website told visitors this week that Congress “is not in session.”

It’s probably a tidbit to keep in mind during the debate over recess appointments.

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