The Democratic National Committee sent a press release to reporters last night with an interesting image:

For those who can’t quite make it out, there’s a tropical beach on the left, alongside a parody of Mitt Romney’s official campaign logo. The words “Believe in America” have been replaced by “Believe in the Cayman Islands.”

The point wasn’t subtle. We learned this week that Romney has international investments, including money in the Cayman Islands, and tax experts told the Wall Street Journal Romney’s strategy is likely intended to help him pay less in taxes. It may help explain, among other things, why Romney has been so eager to keep his tax returns hidden from the public.

And so Dems are hitting him over the head with the story. In addition to the mocked up logo, the DNC unveiled this new video overnight.

YouTube video

Pay particular attention to the steel drums playing “America the Beautiful” towards the end of the clip.

I suspect this will come up again as the campaign progresses. As we talked about yesterday, even if we assume the typical voter doesn’t know or care about the nuances of offshore banking strategies, I suspect when the American mainstream hears “guy who stashes cash in the Caymans,” questions about trust necessarily follow.

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