By far the funniest thing from yesterday is the revelation that, through the Bush family, Chiang Kai-shek has morphed into “a mythical conservative warrior.” That’s a link to Dan Larison’s fine discussion, which will also link you way back to Brad DeLong’s original catch on this from way back in 2005. There’s some question as to whether Jeb Bush knew the origin of the phrase “unleashing Chiang” or not, with Tim Noah believing that Jeb did but Marco Rubio didn’t. Click over and read the whole, wonderful, story.

All I can say is: Shaka, when the walls fell.

I’ll also add, for whatever it’s worth, that Li Shang is a hero in the excellent 1998 Disney movie “Mulan.” He’s not exactly a mythical conservative warrior, but he is a warrior, and it is a myth, although Jeb’s kids were a bit too old to have gone with him to see it. Despite singing like Donny Osmond.  Could Disney’s Shang have somehow combined with G.H.W. Bush’s Chiang? I sure am curious.

Less relevantly, I see that Grandmother Fa in that movie was voiced by June Foray and sung by Marni Nixon. Wow! You’re not going to get better than that…my sense is that Mulan hasn’t quite been as successful as some of the others of that era, but in my view it’s right in the first tier with Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid.

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