The Nevada Caucus looks like it’s going to be a snooze. After all the talk since 2004 about Romney’s Mormonism hurting him, he’s got a Mormon premium out there, where perhaps 20% of the caucus goers will be Church members. So let’s use David Leonhardt’s Times article about the potential 2016 field as an excuse for some further speculation.

Leonhardt covered most of the obvious possibilities, but I’d like to name one he missed: Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. Within the Senate Democratic caucus, Brown is probably the closest thing ideologically (not in terms of Senate influence) to being a successor to Ted Kennedy. If he’s reelected this November, he will have won statewide office four times in one of the two key presidential swing state. He’s a spectacular politician (he ought to be–he was a state rep at 22!), and his spouse, Connie Schultz, is a smart, witty Pulitzer Prize winning columnist–which can’t hurt his treatment from the media.

Unions love Brown (again, can’t hurt), and he is also a strong feminist and supporter of gay and lesbian rights. Especially if, for any number of reasons, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t run, Brown would be a great alternative to the socially liberal/economically centrist candidacy of Andrew Cuomo.