With a tip of the hat to Paul Krugman, and leaving out the fairly obvious one of praising Romneycare while bashing the Affordable Care Act…


Barack Obama’s budget wastes money with crazy space fantasies that only Newt Gingrich could love. Remember: Obama was president when the US lost manned spaceflight capability.


Obama foreign policy is one retreat and surrender after another, and when will he answer one question for the American people: when are the troops coming home?


This summer’s record heat and drought? It’s on Barack Obama’s watch that the entirely fictional, fraudulent problem of global warming has become so bad. 


The Obama record: endangering America with oil spills in the Gulf. Also: endangering American by preventing drilling in the Gulf.

And of course, October and all year:

Barack Obama should immediately balance the budget while cutting taxes without touching any of our crucial government programs. And slashing spending.

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