It’s the early evening here in Evanston, and if you’re sticking around tonight, here’s some of the best stuff on the web.

* BuzzFeed asks if did Mitt Romney steal the idea for his $10,000 bet from Richie Rich?

* Mitt Romney goes after Santorum for flip-flopping and supporting pro-life politicians. Yes, I didn’t get the names mixed up.

*Excerpt of Behind the Beautiful Forevers in the New York Review of Books.

* Sam Tanenhaus goes long on the Tea Party.

* Ezra Klein gives us some tax policy lessons from the OECD.

* How Jeremy Lin became Jeremy Lin.

* A few management consultants have some ideas on college affordability.

* Political Animal Ed Kilgore writes in The New Republic that the GOP campaign only goes right.

* Dave Weigel reviews The Iron Lady.