There are several important things to look at when considering law school. If you’re willing to make such a risky choice there only a few things it’s possible to really consider beforehand: average salaries of graduates and their employment percentages.

But it turns out a lot of law schools may have just been lying about this stuff when they provided information to potential students. According a piece at Inside Higher Ed:

A team of lawyers continued their barrage of legal actions challenging the accuracy and legitimacy of law school placement rates, threatening class actions against 20 more schools. David Anziska, the lawyer leading the group, said that the 20 schools — like the 14 previously sued — had misrepresented their post-graduate employment rates. He also warned that “at the end of this process, nearly every law school in the country will be sued.”

Anziska is working on a class-action lawsuit from former students based on his allegation that law schools routinely manipulated of graduate employment and salary data.

He started off suing low tier law schools, but the recent addition of 20 more schools included several rather well-known institutions, including the law schools of American University, Catholic University of America, Pepperdine University, St. John’s University, Syracuse, and the University of Miami.

Apparently he eventually plans to have virtually every law school on the list. A settlement would probably force the entire law school establishment to be more transparent about career information.

The settlement will not, however, exonerate students from having to pay those massive law school debts they accumulated thinking their job prospects were secure (it might, however, help Anziska to make a pretty big dent in his student loans). [Image via]

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Daniel Luzer is the news editor at Governing Magazine and former web editor of the Washington Monthly. Find him on Twitter: @Daniel_Luzer